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What care at what price: looking for criteria for reimbursement - CitizenLab on values and preferences in society

This information booklet is intended primarily for the citizens participating in the Citizenlab on healthcare reimbursement. It is also, however, aimed at all the stakeholders who are affected by this issue, including citizens and patients, caregivers and policy makers. Access, sustainability and quality are all important foundations of a sound healthcare system. As new needs and new and often expensive technologies emerge, these can easily come under stress. It is therefore vital to evaluate carefully what must and must not be included in the package of reimbursable treatments.

The first part of this booklet sets out some basic information: Who provides (health)care? What organisations are involved? What budgets are we talking about? How does the decision-making process work at present? How is the cost-effectiveness of a treatment measured?

The second part discusses seven concrete cases. These look at treatments intended to serve as starting-points for discussions and deliberations among the citizens. In each case the medical problem and the available treatments are described. Starting from these cases, the citizens were challenged to identify criteria for healthcare reimbursements that are important to them.

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