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The person behind the disease, the citizen behind the decision

In the autumn of 2014, a number of questions were put to 32 citizens during a Citizenlab organized by the KBF. This report looks closely at the results that emerged, specifically in regard to reimbursements for health care. Which interventions do we want to reimburse as a society? Which ones do we want to be excluded? What criteria are important to citizens when they determine this policy on reimbursement, and why?

The Citizenlab was an innovative, participatory process involving a relatively small group of citizens who investigated complex societal themes over three weekends. Quality of life was unchallenged as the highest ranked criterion among the 19 criteria and 6 conditions identified by the Citizenlab. A healthcare system built on solidarity must have quality of life as its focus. In recent decades healthcare has focused on saving and prolonging life. Citizens feel that quality of life has often been relegated to second place, and they see this as wrong. Quality of life must be the highest ranking measure that is used in healthcare.

The citizens hope that their findings will lead to sustainable improvements in reimbursement strategies in healthcare.

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